How We Can Help

You may be wondering exactly which it will take to repair the damages and re-establish your normal routine. You may be concerned about where you and your family will sleep tonight. In the commotion, you may not have factored in the potentially significant amount of time and hassle you will spend dealing directly with you property insurance carrier.

Insurance carriers routinely hire and train claim professionals to estimate, negotiate and settle your claim for the amount they deem fair. Many will issue a settlement and expect you to facilitate repairs; often the settlement falls short of competitive pricing, leaving you to bridge the gap between the insurance company’s offer and your contractor’s real world pricing.

Don’t go it alone. The reality of today’s insurance claim handling practices creates a need for an experienced battle tested public adjuster. We are experts in property damage claim handling, and are intimately familiar with insurance guidelines, practices, industry repair and replacement standards. Let us put you on equal footing with the insurance representatives and negotiate the claim settlement on your behalf until a truly equitable resolution is reached.